Taking BuyIn to the next level

October 1, 2020 / To say that I am proud of being BuyIn’s new CEO is an understatement. BuyIn is the largest telco procurement alliance in the world with an ambitious mission: create value through procurement.

After 13 months there as the Senior Vice President Information Technology, I have witnessed firsthand how BuyIn is a company driven by passion and multiculturalism. The teams have all impressed me with their knowledge and their will to always achieve more, especially on innovation topics such as 5G, Internet of Things, Automation via Artificial Intelligence… So, what’s next?

Onwards and upwards for our Telco customers

I am grateful to Volker Pyrtek for having built this solid foundation, able to withstand the twists and turns of this increasingly complex world. The procurement powerhouse he has built up from scratch for nine years is made of an amazing team of international experts, highly committed to reaching the expectations and needs of our customers. We will further work hard to ensure their satisfaction – which we measure yearly and reached by the way a record high this year!

Now is the time to open a new chapter for our alliance. How will we achieve this? We will leverage our scaling abilities and our expertise to further generate long-term value for all our customers in the telco industry. To do so we will also rely on taking into account even more Sustainability and innovation topics.

At the service of our stakeholders and partners, we need to go beyond the traditional savings KPIs. It is also about ensuring supply chain stability and using data-driven insights to generate new solutions to help them reach their objectives. We support the growth ambitions of our customers by exploring new frontiers and by matching their footprint with local expertise.

The unpredictable is the new normal

The current times, from Covid to trade tensions, have taught us that circumstances can change in the blink of an eye and that we have to be ready to react quickly and to find creative solutions. As we want to stay empowered amidst these world challenges, risk management has become a big part of our strategy and tactical thinking.


Doing a virtual handover in Covid times

Receivng the leadership of a company with this outstanding performance is an honor but also not as simple as it would have been in normal times. Working from several international locations, we are proficient in connecting virtually but we still had to adapt our planned handover with no travelling possible. We opted for a virtual session in our telepresence rooms to be closer as possible while respecting the circumstances. It was a big first for Volker and me and it turned out to be an interesting experience!




Let’s open together this new decade in BuyIn’s history with hopefully better times ahead healthwise and even more exciting projects to come! For more information, follow BuyIn on LinkedIn.