BuyIn is dedicated to responsible sourcing for the Information and Telecommunications (ICT) Industry. With the potential to save up to 2.12 gigatons of CO2 across all business sectors per year by 2030, ICT solutions are a key enabler for a greener and more efficient world. As the largest Procurement Alliance on the market, BuyIn leverages its scale and data to make this as efficient as possible.

BuyIn considers suppliers’ ethical, social and environmental performance as important factors for the vendor selection process. These factors are monitored across the Alliance’s supply chain through the EcoVadis methodology.

As a member of the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC), BuyIn, together with founding members Deutsche Telekom and Orange, ensures a responsible supply chain. The powerful global initiative counts 16 member operators in 15 countries and covers approximately 2.7 billion connections. JAC members cooperate beyond competition to ensure worldwide suppliers conform to corporate social responsibility (CSR) rules and regulations. So far, more than 480 audits were executed, with up to 75 percent of the audits performed in 2018 focused on tier 2 and 3 suppliers.

At BuyIn, our commitment is set on three major pillars. They are our commitment to responsible sourcing processes, our mandatory Supplier Code of Conduct and our Ethics Code of Conduct.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond ensuring a responsible sourcing process, BuyIn walks the talk when it comes to sustainable and responsible behavior. Corporate Social Responsibility is at the very heart of our shareholders’ and BuyIn’s DNA.

As part of its activities in JAC, BuyIn facilitates audits with its members’ suppliers to ensure adherence to socially and environmentally responsible behavior. These audits can reach as far as the companies’ tier three suppliers, ensuring a responsible and compliant supply chain.

BuyIn is also committed to reducing its alliance members’ environmental impact by limiting energy consumption, reducing waste and of course by recycling whenever possible.

The company cares about promoting a sustainable workplace. Despite its many locations and activities in 40+ markets, BuyIn manages to keep business trips down to a minimum through solutions like video calls and conferencing as well as telepresence meetings.

Mandatory Supplier Code of Conduct

All contracts negotiated by BuyIn for its members contain a mandatory Supplier Code of Conduct (CoC). The purpose of this CoC is to ensure legally binding commitments by suppliers to our members’ CSR rules and policies. This applies to all Alliance members’ contracts. Of course, the CoC applies to the sub-suppliers in their supply chain as well.

The CoC ensures effective enforcement of applicable laws and regulations in countries in which Alliance members operate, while encouraging the implementation of social and environmental best practices. These include in particular the commitments to which the founding shareholders of BuyIn, Deutsche Telekom and Orange have subscribed, such as the United Nations Global Compact, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization conventions (notably with regard to the ban on child labor and forced or compulsory labor), and OECD Guidelines (and the fight against bribery and corruption in particular).

In this context, and aiming to enforce the high supplier standards at DT, Orange and BuyIn, a common Supplier Code of Conduct was mutually developed. It sets ambitious expectations and requirements toward our suppliers on ethical, social and environmental aspects as well as Human Rights. This common Supplier Code of Conduct is not intended to replace the laws and regulations in force in any country where our suppliers operate, but encourages respect for these laws and regulations and ensures that they are faithfully and effectively enforced.

Ethics Code of Conduct

BuyIn strongly believes that legally compliant and ethical conduct is vital to business success today. The BuyIn Ethics Code of Conduct (ECoC) is the framework for guiding the behavior of all BuyIn colleagues. It seeks to encourage respect for the laws and regulations in force in all countries where BuyIn operates.

Ethics Code of Conduct


The success of BuyIn’s procurement activities can only be ensured by deep integration into the relevant procurement processes of all members of the Procurement Alliance. BuyIn has established Antitrust Guidelines that outline specific rules to ensure antitrust compliance while successfully doing business. We control the exchange of competitively sensitive information between our Alliance Members.

Added value for all Alliance Members
In 2016, BuyIn decided to offer its procurement services to additional partners. All necessary regulatory clearances were received in March 2017. Moving from its previous setup as exclusive procurement service partner for Orange and Deutsche Telekom, BuyIn is now open for cooperation and partnership with telecom companies from around the world.

The company received a certification by KPMG based on the Auditing Standard IDW PS 980 with no material findings or recommendations, but with measures highlighted best practices. This is proof for all current and future Alliance Members that BuyIn has an effective compliance management system to effectively address antitrust risks and prevent potential violations.