July 1, 2021

At BuyIn we like to support our people and see them grow. Corentin started as an apprentice and is now junior sourcer at NT. Working at BuyIn brings opportunities to build a true career path.

May 17, 2021

We all had to adapt last year but how is it when you start a new job in the middle of a lockdown? Meet Nolwen, who started at BuyIn during these unusual circumstances.

Who are you?

I’m Nolwen, I’m working as a Strategic Sourcer at BuyIn within the Communication Services commodity. I joined in April 2020 right in the middle of this pandemic.

How did you manage this situation?

When I joined, I knew that I would have to start in special conditions. Luckily I could come to the office on my first day.  . My manager had planned everything and putted some thought into the organization of my onboarding at BuyIn, it made it as easy as possible.

How did BuyIn help you?

It was not easy as we couldn’t go to the office. BuyIn is also divided between France and Germany, so without possibility to meet the whole team at once. But I have caring colleagues and the best tools are available inhouse to keep in touch and connect with other people in the company.

How did the pandemic impact your work ?

I had no colleagues, which meant also no distractions. I could work more! When I joined BuyIn, I discovered a new sector of activity and I received a good training despite the home office. At the beginning, I worked on a transversal RFP for MEA (Middle East Africa) coached by a colleague from COM team. It also helped me to meet new people.

In June 2020 our yearly All Employee Meeting had to take place digitally. Did it help you to know more about BuyIn?

Thanks to the AEM, I finally got to see all of the management team! This way I could recognize Béatrice once we went back to the offices. It also helped me to understand how BuyIn works.  I was surprised because during this event, BuyIn involved all the employees for the choice of the corporate values. Such a bold and positive choice!

When things will go back to normal, what are you most looking forward to?

I can’t wait to travel to the German office and also to have access to the canteen, it means no more cooking for my lunch break 🙂

How do you feel now?

After one year I know more people but I still have many things to discover and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to experience the full BuyIn atmosphere but hopefully soon!

Would you recommend BuyIn?

Yes, we are an international company, we work with different suppliers such as GAFA or startups, so there are lots of opportunities to learn!

March 31, 2021

BuyIn has successfully completed the certification audit. External auditors confirm the appropriateness, implementation and effectiveness of our Compliance Management also with regard to anti-corruption.

January 14, 2021

Béatrice Felder, BuyIn’s CEO, and Ramon Fernandez, Delegate CEO of Orange and Chairman of BuyIn’s Board of Directors, are featured in Challenges Magazine to highlight the strengths of the alliance and its international perspective.

October 1, 2020

To say that I am proud of being BuyIn’s new CEO is an understatement. BuyIn is the largest telco procurement alliance in the world with an ambitious mission: create value through procurement.