With BuyIn your scope stretches around the world: Whether visiting your customers and suppliers or simply catching up with colleagues from different locations, you have the opportunity to dive into different cultures and to regularly travel.


We support flexible and mobile working to meet the rapidly changing demands of our industry. At our collaborative office spaces, on the move or even from home, you will work with the latest tools and technologies, supported by a whole range of smart analytics and apps.


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BuyIn’s workplace encourages collaboration and fun.

Our business can only grow when we all reach our potential. You have a dedicated annual training budget at your disposal with online or offline options. Job rotation across our business areas and locations is also a crucial part of our people development strategy.


Our employees are not only colleagues but also a community of people who enjoy working together. We hold an annual event to promote and drive cross-functional collaboration and to align on the company’s strategy first-hand. Further events, such as brownbag lunches and team seminars, bring people together.


Physical activity is a great way to unwind. You can join the weekly in-house Pilates course or the BuyIn football team in Paris, go to the in-house gym at the Deutsche Telekom premises in Bonn or make the most of special offers available to us at other gyms all over Germany.


Our discounted monthly ticket for public transport for employees gets you to the office at a good price using environmentally friendly public transit. It’s our way of contributing to sustainability and green mobility.


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