BuyIn on Campus with KEDGE

March 29, 2021 / How to foster talent and determine the best fit between a graduate and a company?  At BuyIn, the answer is easy: we’re teaming up with top universities and business schools for hands-on discussions around procurement and career potential in the telco industry.

Among them, we have recently set up a close collaboration with KEDGE Business School, built on a joint vision of professionals and students connecting for the benefit of all.

Why BuyIn and KEDGE

Kedge students have a proven track record of success at BuyIn with several of them joining our procurement alliance as dual students to be hired as strategic sourcers afterwards. As an example, Corentin Bidaud joined the NT domain in 2020 after a successful dual study in RAN and a freelancer experience on the external market. “The exciting trajectory of these young professionals within BuyIn confirms the synergy between our needs and KEDGE’s” explains Martine Garrigues, Senior HR Manager at BuyIn. “KEDGE Business School is obviously a first-class recruiting ground for international companies like ours with high standards towards forward-thinking and adaptability. Their MAI (Master in International & Innovation Procurement) students fit our expectations particularly well”. For the school year 2020/2021, we hired 5 dual students from this program and we have the same intention for next year.

“The assignments and job opportunities correspond to the expectations of MAI students, particularly in the area of ​​strategic purchasing and innovation. This is the reason why KEDGE is developing its relations with BuyIn and invites them to participate in recruiting events that meet their needs to attract young talents (My Way workshop, Business Forum, Jobdating work-study program, etc.)” says Isabelle Blombou, Corporate Relations KEDGE business school.

Mentoring students and connecting with future talents

Three BuyIn ambassadors have been connecting over different formats with KEDGE students.

Frédéric Fournier, VP Core Network, led a webinar about procurement around 5G in October last year in the frame of their MYWAY program. “It was a great opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities around this hot topic with the fresh perspective from business students. It was very enriching for me to share my experience with the next generation of sourcers, all eager to make an impact in the tech industry.”

In January, Lucas Urbanek, Team Head IT, took the virtual stage to talk about the multifacets of the sourcing function in the IT/telco industry. “We talked about career paths and what strategic and operational procurement are. The students were very keen to ask many specific questions about the job, the employment market and careers in procurement. It was a very enriching exchange!”

In the second day of the MYWAY program in early 2021, a roundtable was organized with Khalid Sharaf, VP Digital Home Devices, exchanging with Clémence Trelluyer from Faurecia (automotive industry) around the opportunities of a career in procurement, its core attributes as a service and its future around sustainability. “I am always amazed at the curiosity and questions coming from students, fully engaged in these conversations and always looking ahead”, says Khalid Sharaf.

Looking ahead

“Collaborations like this are key to build a strong future for both companies and students and to activate the right mindset for great careers”, explains Michael Rubas, SVP HR at BuyIn. “We’re looking forward to welcoming some of these talents within our ranks!”

If you are interested in an apprenticeship at BuyIn, please regularly check our Careers page or feel free to connect on LinkedIn!