We are 10!

October 7, 2021 / What a ride! Ten years ago, BuyIn was founded by Orange and Deutsche Telekom to align their strategic procurement activities and to generate significant savings. What happened during this decade?

Today, we are the largest telco procurement alliance with more than 45 operators worldwide, around 300 employees, a huge data hub and an impressive collection of benchmarks. We manage about 20 billion euros of spend in scope per year and our Alliance is constantly growing.

Of course, I am proud of what everyone at BuyIn has achieved over these ten years. Thanks to the company values Teamwork, Commitment and Respect, BuyIn has proven its relevance, added value and is officially a success story, not only for the two groups but also for all its partners such as Bell, Proximus and NOS.

It lies in our DNA to continuously challenge the consolidating supplier market and to ensure business excellence for our Alliance members despite the industry growing in complexity. It’s also about designing the future of procurement with the entire ecosystem to build sustainable success.

The biggest learning of this decade is actually the simplest one: People are our greatest asset. This is why today I’d like foremost to say THANK YOU! to the teams from all the BuyIn’s domains and enabling functions, as well as to all our former employees who’ve made our Alliance what it is today. We’re very fortunate to have a great community of past and current talents who are as attached to BuyIn as I am.

THANK YOU also to all our stakeholders for your trust and collaboration.

THANK YOU to all our suppliers who work hard with us to ensure continuity and outstanding quality products to our customers.

BuyIn started as an adventure and it will for sure remain so for the years to come. Today, in 2021, we empower our partners in a different way than 10 years ago. We have been pioneers in driving digitization with inhouse marketplace apps, we’ve been enriching our spend focus with artificial intelligence and as I’ve said before, sustainability is the only way forward, also in procurement. I look forward to our next decade!

Béatrice Felder