Solidarity: Let’s sew face masks together!

April 9, 2020 / Right before Easter, we would like to share with you an individual initiative at BuyIn from one of our employees, Clément Lamotte. He found a silver lining in the confinement by using his spare time to help others by sewing face masks.

Today there is still big shortage of face masks. There is hardly enough for hospitals but surely not for all our heroes: the police, workers in the shops or public transportation, and many others.… So let’s help them together!

How long? 20min per mask (maybe a bit more for the 1st one)

How to? Use the AFNOR (French certification guide) and Youtube tutorial (in French) or this one (in English)

Distribution? Find local initiatives in social networks or give directly to people in need (keep some for you and your family)

You have children? They can help by cutting the fabric (simple square) or even learn how to use the sewing machine (but please adapt according to age)

You miss some material? Ask your neighbors

The last words belong to Clément: “If I can do it, I am pretty sure that everyone can :)”

You can find here the initiatives from our mother companies, Orange and Deutsche Telekom.