Why join the Alliance

Telecom Operators are evolving in a challenging market, with fierce competition in local and international markets together with a massive change in customer behaviour:

  • Decreasing ARPU
  • Tremendous growth in mobile data traffic
  • External spend driven by significant broadband investments
  • Supply market consolidation changing the balance of power on the market

The combination of these factors is putting EBITDA margins under extreme pressure and reducing investment capabilities.

Within the BuyIn Procurement Alliance, customers benefit from the combination of three keys to maintaining cost competitiveness and mitigating supplier consolidation:

  • Price benchmarking: “with insights from 40+ operators”
  • Lever identification: “cost drivers and target costs based on best practices”
  • Procurement execution: “unique ability to leverage scale and deliver savings”
Price benchmarking

We analyze our customers’ positions on the market and assess their competitiveness to identify opportunities to further optimize their direct spend.

Whether fixed-line or mobile networks or terminals; our benchmarks cover prices for all technologies:

  • 40+ operators
  • 1000+ products
  • 10,000+ contracts
  • 1,000,000+ price points
Lever identification

We work closely with our customers to ensure they understand the gaps between their current prices and their ambitions as well as how to close them.

We leverage our data analytics to optimize negotiation tactics. Our in-depth analyses are supported by a senior target costing team composed of senior engineers recruited from ICT industry leaders. Together, we apply the findings to realize opportunities for improving current deals and enhancing future ones.

Procurement execution

With an intimate knowledge of the products we negotiate for, we are ideally positioned to leverage our scale and data to outperform market dynamics.

We synchronize and bundle demand across categories, countries and even across our partners to drive benefits for all our customers.

This enables us to work with our customers to close the gaps between their current prices and their target prices.

Our customers can select the scope and level of services they need to ensure the best fit with BuyIn.

Results achieved

We have powerful success stories from across our business areas that are solid proof of what we can do.

Our customers have benefited from our successes in RAN swap negotiations, optimized mobile handset purchasing, best-price benchmarks for hard- and software and in negotiations for a single messaging solution in 12 markets.

In all, we have generated significant budget savings on our spend. These savings have totaled more than 1 billion euros in just over three years.

And our members are satisfied: in a recent survey, they rated the statement “I would recommend BuyIn and its services” with 4.2 out of 5.