Shareholders and Alliance members bundle their 20 billion euros of annual spend with BuyIn. The company works along three central business areas: Network Technology, Devices & Platforms and Information Technology. At BuyIn, our Target Costing @ Procurement team merges procurement and engineering expertise. For us, Target Costing is vital to identifying cost drivers. Working together with our customers’ technology teams and with our suppliers, we can rightsize product features and deliver sustainable savings.

In 2011, Deutsche Telekom and Orange founded BuyIn to remain relevant in a competitive market with strong smartphone and broadband growth, declining margins, high technical challenges and a very strong and consolidated supplier base. By delivering strategic procurement services to its members, BuyIn increases the competitiveness in their direct spend. This competitiveness leads to sustainable economies of scale and savings based on analytics and benchmarks across millions of price points from 40+ operators.

Business Areas

1606_BuyIn_Icons-01Network Technology
Through its sourcing activities in an increasingly complex and challenging telecommunications environment, Network Technology (NT) at BuyIn optimizes network and application performance while minimizing downtime and ensuring data security. As the telecom industry evolves to a software-centric architecture and services model built around software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV), BuyIn is constantly challenged to find the best and most cost-efficient solutions in close collaboration with Technology departments.


Devices and Platforms
With a strong focus on price competitiveness and market differentiation, the Devices and Platforms domain (D&P) provides procurement excellence in Customer Equipment: Smartphones, Home Gateways/STBs and IoT Devices, Accessories and SIM Cards, relevant services platforms as Messaging,  IN/Charging, TV and Device Management/IoT. We combine the power of global scale with local market opportunities and enable our clients to benefit from significant savings by leveraging the latest technologies such as convergence or virtualization.


Information Technology
At BuyIn, Information Technology (IT) bundles global responsibility for strategic sourcing for the internal IT demand of its members as well as for the demand for their respective business customer solutions. In today’s challenging IT Business, BuyIn effectively secures first-rate access to cutting-edge industry innovations, including those for automation, at best-in-class conditions. Powerful go-to-market supplier partnerships and an agile approach to maintaining competitiveness play key roles in how the company delivers excellent procurement results.

Target Costing @ Procurement

Target Costing @ Procurement (TC@P) at BuyIn works to reap further benefits in terms of savings and innovation. With an entire range of cost and value analysis tools that leverage big data from hundreds of projects, TC@P is keeping BuyIn at the cutting edge of procurement.

The strong team of engineers and procurement experts supports the Business Areas during the entire lifecycle of a deal: from development all the way up to the negotiation phase. They reverse-engineer products in dedicated mechanics and electronics labs to ensure sourcers have the facts they need for their negotiations. In the TC@P labs, they also hold cross-functional expert workshops where suppliers and colleagues from members’ technology, marketing and procurement teams work together to identify disruptive ideas.

TC@P has three key objectives:

Optimize investment value

  • by setting data-driven targets to provide full cost transparency
  • by working early on with technology and marketing teams and leveraging supplier know-how to identify additional levers for optimization

Ensure smarter spending

  • by applying benchmarks and smart analytics to highlight gaps and underpin the right spend decisions
  • by developing forward-looking scenarios based on market and technical evolutions

Increase efficiency

  • by sharing knowledge and best practices with our members to industrialize our approach
  • by analyzing closed deals to identify and eliminate missed opportunities

BuyIn currently works with over 40 operators mainly across Europe and Africa. The good strategic fit of the members of the Procurement Alliance allow BuyIn’s sourcing experts to effectively reduce costs, improve services and foster customization. In short, to always achieve best procurement results for its customers.







Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net
Albania SH.P.K
Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net GmbH Orange Belgium Orange Botswana
Telekom Albania Magenta Telekom

Burkina Faso


Central African Republic

Congo (DRC)

Orange Burkina Faso Orange Cameroun Orange Centre Afrique Orange DRC


Czech Republic



Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net d.o.o. Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net
Czech Republic s.r.o.
Orange Egypte Orange SA
Hrvatski Telekom d.d. T-Mobile Czech Republic



Guinea Bissau

Guinea Conakry

Telekom Deutschland GmbH Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications S.A. Orange Bissau Orange Guinea
Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net
Greece EPE
OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications
Organization S.A.)


Ivory Coast



Deusche Telekom
Pan-Net Hungary
Groupement Orange Services Jordan Tel Cie  Cellcom Liberia Inc
Magyar Telekom Nyrt. Orange Côte d’Ivoire Petra Jordanian Mobile Telecommunications





Orange Communications
Makedonski Telekom AD Sk. Orange Madagascar Orange Mali





Orange Moldova Crnogorski Telekom A.D. Medi Telecom T-Mobile Netherlands B.V.
Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net Montenegro d.o.o.




Sierra Leone

Orange Niger Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net Sp.z.o.o. Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net
Romania S.R.L.
Orange Sierra Leone Ltd.
Orange Polska GTS Telecom S.R.L.
T-Mobile Polska S.A. Orange Romania
Telekom Romania
Communications S.A.
Telekom Romania
mobile communications S.A.

Slovak Republic



United Kingdom

Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net s.r.o. Jazz Tel Orange Tunisia Deutsche Telekom
UK Ltd.
Deutsche Telekom Shared Services s.r.o. Orange España
Orange Slovensko
Slovak Telekom, a.s.



BuyIn’s partners and members work together to leverage their combined scope and scale from 40+ operators across primarily Africa and Europe. They also combine their analytics and benchmarks drawn from millions of price points to secure unparalleled competitiveness for the Procurement Alliance.

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