A day in the life of Vinicius

October 30, 2019 / Meet your future colleagues! This month Vinicius explains how he works at the Digital Office and what he appreciates working at BuyIn.

Who are you?
Vinicius: My name is Vinicius and I’m from Brazil.

What do you do in the Digital Office?
Vinicius: I am a Digital Project Manager.

Do you have a typical day? If so, what does it look like?
Vinicius: I do not really have a typical day but I have recurring tasks that are the foundation of my day. These include planning the new releases and the new content for one of our digital products that I guess most people at BuyIn know: Marketplace. In general, our work at the Digital Office is very much project-based, so my days usually depend on the projects I am currently taking care of.

What are you working on right now?
Vinicius: Right now, I am working with colleagues from NT on an MEA project in which they are replacing the power sources on their base stations. I do the data processing from the RFPs and I am creating a visual interface using Microsoft PowerBI, where they can do their analysis on the suppliers.

I am also working with T-Mobile Romania to improve their processes: They currently manage their mobile terminal stocks manually, so I am optimizing their system to make the processes leaner. I am working on automating most of the manual tasks (data parsing, calculations, refreshes etc.) as well as on improving the visualization for the reporting.

What would you say is a major misconception about the work you and your colleagues in the Digital Office do?
Vinicius: Most people see only our main digital products, which are the Marketplace app and the myBuyIn platform. When in fact, we are developing many other projects contributing to the digitization, not only of BuyIn, but also of our customers and alliance partners in the countries. For example, I am working on a prototype tool for the Orange France Country Management team to check prices for longtail devices against the market and suggest actions for contacting respective suppliers and/or sourcers to generate savings.

What do you particularly enjoy about working in the Digital Office?
Vinicius: The diversity of the projects really makes the job enjoyable. We’re exposed to so many of them that you can almost endlessly learn and you also work with a variety of teams.

In one sentence, what does your work mean to you?
Vinicius: It’s all about pushing the boundaries. It is exciting to add value by unleashing the power of digitization.

In just a few words, what else appeals to you about BuyIn?
Vinicius: I like the atmosphere in general, but also how BuyIn takes care of people’s development. As my background is more quantitative, I seize every training opportunity I can to improve my soft skills such as public speaking.



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