BuyIn's first digital All Employee Meeting

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The All Employee Meeting (AEM) is the highlight of the year for BuyIn’s employees. We were supposed to all meet in Berlin but with no possibility to travel, we made the best out of the situation with live streams from Paris and Bonn.

Over the course of two hours each on Tuesday, the 16th and Wednesday, the 17th of June, we celebrated BuyIn: its achievements, its team spirit and commitment, and deep-dived into its strategic priorities.

“The AEM is the unique opportunity for BuyIn to come together around its tangible projects and company culture”, says Volker Pyrtek, BuyIn’s CEO since its founding in 2011. “We’re happy to have been able to replicate our great team spirit in our online event, in particular with creative contributions from all over the company.” Several teams submitted videos about projects and hot topics to underline our current and upcoming priorities.

“As the largest procurement alliance in the telco industry, we want to leverage our scale and expertise to grow and to create sustainable value for our customers”, underlines Béatrice Felder, SVP IT. “After almost one year at BuyIn, this event, even online, demonstrated to me the strong BuyIn cohesion and unity around this vision of procurement excellence.”

The feedback from the employees is overwhelming: “I think this type of events is great because it brings people together and people are proud of being part of BuyIn”, “Interesting, inspiring and funny”, “The feeling of belonging together at BuyIn again”, “It was stunning to see the broad excellence of the whole team on a working level”, “A very well organized, passionate, creative, and full of energy event”.

We are still hoping to be able to meet in person and to party together in autumn! Also in its digital edition, the AEM was a full success, proving again that people are BuyIn’s biggest asset.

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