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Orange and Deutsche Telekom announced the spring 2019 launch of the Smart Voice Hub called Djingo at the #ShowHello in Paris. CEOs Stéphane Richard (Orange) and Tim Höttges (Deutsche Telekom) presented the new smart speaker that uses artificial intelligence.
This is a pioneering project among Europe-based telco companies to develop their own voice assistant equipped with AI technology. In Germany, the speaker will be launched as Hallo Magenta.

The state of the art solution ensures that customer data will be secured and processed in full compliance with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation.

In terms of sourcing, a team from BuyIn (DHP) successfully led the negotiations, from strategy alignment with the various stakeholders to defining the specifications and of course the supplier selection. BuyIn also secured a solid contract with a voice recognition and natural language understanding software provider.

The commercial success enabled our mother companies to share the development costs as well as benefit from better prices thanks to the bundled volume. The partnership allowed an accelerated time-to-market by mutualizing resources. One crucial element of the contract is that both Groups can balance their volumes. This lets them benefit from the best possible prices and minimizes risks during market launch, such as in terms of forecasts versus sales results, with a common approach.

If you want to know more about the topic, it is worth to check also the Homepage of Orange about the #ShowHello and Djingo.

For more information about “Hello Magenta”, please read the media information of Deutsche Telekom.

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