February 6, 2020 / Combining technical analysis with cost insights, the TC@P team keeps BuyIn at the cutting-edge of procurement. Meet Sabine (on the left) and Chloé (on the right), two experts from our cost engineering team, outlining why they enjoy working at BuyIn and what makes their job so interesting.

Who are you?

Chloé: Hello, my name is Chloé, I am originally from Lebanon and working in the Paris office. I joined the team in January 2019.

Sabine: Hi everyone, my name is Sabine. I have been working in the TC@P team in the Bonn office since November 2011. In addition to the projects we run, I also coordinate with our IT Domain and provide expertise on Software Virtualization.

Let’s start about BuyIn. Can you tell us more about the company?

Sabine: My job at BuyIn empowers me to act as an enabler between the commercial procurement and the technology worlds. It’s an environment that allows me to include many different perspectives into my work (technical, commercial, financial, business development). Our area is also very innovative, both on the Telco technology aspects as well as the cost engineering itself, so it’s quite inspiring.

Chloé: For me, BuyIn is an international company that gives you the chance to work in different settings and to adapt quickly to changing ecosystems. We are in the telco business so you have to be able to keep up with that fast pace – guaranteeing it never gets boring. Our projects are so intercultural and connected that we develop numerous contacts to stakeholders from all areas.

Can you explain your work at TC@P?

Chloé: My job is multifaceted. I translate technical requirements and commercial models into costs and target prices, which is a challenging task and requires staying up to date with technology changing daily. Additionally, good project management and communication skills are essential to this role. The variety of challenges makes it real fun to work in this area.

Sabine: Being part of TC@P since the early days, I can still say: I love this team!
We run on great collaboration and cohesion. We are self-organized while being very team-oriented. We support the whole BuyIn organization as well as our stakeholders, providing in particular transparency on costs about the goods and services vendors are offering. We challenge where needed with our fair target prices in mind.

What brought you to BuyIn?

Chloé: With a Computer & Communication engineering degree, I started my career in technical oriented positions. Having acquired the technical expertise and a solid background in the telecom field, I wanted to explore new horizons to develop my leadership and project management skills, and boost my career with a work experience on the operator’s side. Thus with my position at BuyIn, I got two for the price of one, Orange and Deutsche Telekom.

Sabine: My background is actually in Physics. I started in telco as a software developer, before I moved to sales and then to account management. At BuyIn, I am combining skills from my previous experiences. On top of this, the ability to mediate between technology & sourcing, vendor & operator makes it my dream job, finding the best value-for-money solution.

Why would you recommend people to join BuyIn?

Sabine: There is simply no shortage of interesting projects and activities. At BuyIn, you work at the forefront of technology and innovation. You work across cultures and in transversal projects. It is an inspiring environment to work in.

Chloé: At BuyIn, you get an incredible exposure to different nations and cultures. Joining a smaller, agile company lets you put your stamp on implementing the networks of the future, while you cater to your customer needs constantly. At TC@P, you are also in the middle of every new technological project that our partner’s networks plan to deploy.

Sabine: It is true and it has been an incredible ride for me. As international consultants we have to understand what our stakeholders need, to anticipate and to build leverage to set ambitious but realistic targets. Throwing innovation into the mix, this gets never boring.