Earth Day 2022: Becoming sustainability activists!

April 22, 2022 / “The only way forward is Sustainability, also in Procurement”. This was my statement for Earth Day 2021. One year later, this thinking is even more embedded in BuyIn’s DNA as growth cannot be conceived without a strong ethical sourcing at its core.

Empowered together for a greener future

The reports are confirming again and again the urgency of taking better care of our planet and its resources. In this context, I believe we all need to turn into sustainability activists. For telecommunications, our commitment is essential to optimize sourcing, redesign together the supply chain and reduce waste.

As BuyIn’s CEO, it is my duty to provide this strong vision to all our experts and to empower them as active contributors of this greener future. Awareness is key to spread the word and engineer this shift together. To achieve this, one key component at BuyIn is to offer regular training opportunities, including access to a self-learning platform, in order to develop the necessary skills and generate a firm common understanding. We’re stronger when we share and act together.

Creating accountability in our ecosystem

In the past year, we’ve implemented several measures to ensure that we are doing our part, in collaboration with our stakeholders and suppliers. Sourcing is the foundation of the business activities of the alliance members and a circular economy can’t happen if it doesn’t start at the bottom, being methodically and systematically assessed.

To that purpose, we’ve been developing supplier and product scorecards with our stakeholders to ensure project decision criteria reflect environmental impact. Additionally we’ve been harnessing the power of data to refine reporting and integrate 360° approaches. In our category management, we’ve included new measures to decrease the CO2-footprint. From now on, our market analyses incorporate environmental factors on top of product development and business trends.

In terms of supplier management, we’ve been working closely with our contacts to share our vision and request improvements when needed. This mindset of integrating environmental impact is non-negotiable but very well-received from the different parts of the supply chain. Creating a platform for mutual optimization and incentives takes time but is rewarding by fostering a virtuous circle in our collaboration.

Moving forward

The only way to further empower our world to stay connected is to make significant progress in our greener initiatives. As the procurement alliance, we’re proudly contributing with responsible sourcing to the OSCAR program from Orange and #GreenMagenta from Deutsche Telekom. Sustainability will stay at the top of our priorities in 2022 and beyond. See you at Earth Day 2023!

Béatrice Felder, CEO BuyIn