Meet Corentin – from Apprentice to Junior Sourcer

July 1, 2021 / At BuyIn we like to support our people and see them grow. Corentin started as an apprentice and is now junior sourcer at NT. Working at BuyIn brings opportunities to build a true career path. 

Who are you?

Hi everyone, I am Corentin. I am a junior strategic sourcer in the Network Technology domain.

How was your first experience at BuyIn?

My first BuyIn experience was an apprenticeship; it was my first experience in purchasing especially in an international environment. I really appreciated this experience because I was supported by my team, my colleagues and my manager. This support allowed me to evolve and to learn many things through interesting tasks. It was a rewarding experience and that’s why I chose to come back when the opportunity came up.

Why did you choose this domain?

I was always interested in negotiation but at the beginning, I was hesitant between purchasing and sales. I finally decided to work in purchasing, purchasing is more structured and diverse from my point of view.

I like being in contact with people and in my job I’m always in touch with a lot of different people. I’m learning from them, it’s a real exchange. I really like this aspect of my job.

Which project are you working on?

I am in charge of IP security and switches commodities for Orange Group and I am working for countries in Europe and in MEA.

I manage my commodities to answer the needs of internal and external stakeholders, ensure past negotiations are respected, secured new deals etc. As a strategic sourcer I basically support our affiliates worldwide.

I like to say that we are the solution-makers: we have to deal with different needs, different issues according to the project but as sourcers, we are the solution-makers to make it happen.

What do you like in your job?

We are in a constantly changing world.

At BuyIn, diversity is the key word: diversity of people, diversity of projects etc. I’m working from Paris for the entire world, I have to be flexible according to the context of a project, people needs or the countries we are dealing with. It’s also a diversity of tasks in my daily work: analysis, negotiation, supports of the affiliates, build relation with stakeholders…

Then, I like the fact that here we are independent regardless of our positions. Apprentice, junior or senior we all have our importance and our own responsibilities.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I hope I would be in Tahiti, chilling on the beach… No seriously, actually the context is complicated but our telco industry is not really impacted so this is an advantage. At BuyIn, each commodity have its specificities so I would be curious to know more about how it works in other department and improve my knowledge and my skills by working on new challenges and new requests.

Why would you recommend BuyIn?

Working at BuyIn means working in a challenging international environment.

Here we are learning through our daily business experiences and many trainings are proposed during the year. It allows me to develop my personal and professional skills.

Also the home office proposed by BuyIn to everyone allows to manage well work and personal life balance. There is a real trust between the company and the employees.